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Marc Poitras and Tony Caporale are professors of economics at the University of Dayton.

They believe that human happiness requires freedom, and that freedom requires limits on the power and scope of government.

Note: The views expressed on this site represent those of the authors and not necessarily the University of Dayton.

3 thoughts on “The Authors

  1. We agree with Nobel Laureate Robert Lucas, who when asked about Austrian economics replied that he was in favor of good economics. Which is not to say that Austrian economics are not good, but that we take good economics wherever we may find it. Lucas, in fact, gained a lot of insight through reading Hayek, and we have as well.

    As for the gold standard, it has the advantage of reining in the power of the Federal Reserve, although a broader standard consisting of a diverse basket of commodities would probably be preferable to only gold.

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